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IV Pulmonary trunk reversible banding:analysis of right ventricle acute hypertrophy in an intermittent loading experimental model

Acrisio Sales ValenteI; Renato Samy ASSADII; Maria Cristina D. ABDUCHIII; Gustavo J. J. SILVAIV; Petronio G. THOMAZV; Leonardo A. MIANAVI; José E. KRIEGERVII; Noedir A. G StolfVIII

DOI: 10.1590/S0102-76382008000100011

1. PhD, cardiovascular surgeon 2. Full professor, cardiovascular surgeon 3. PhD, veterinary doctor 4. PhD, post-doctorate student 5. PhD, cardiovascular surgeon 6. PhD Candidate, cardiovascular surgeon 7. Director of Genetics and Mollecular Cardiology Laboratory - InCor - HCFMUSP 8. Titular Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery of University of São Paulo Medical School
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