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COVID-19 and Methylene Blue

Viroj WiwanitkitI

DOI: 10.21470/1678-9741-2020-0462

Dear Editor, I would like to comment on the article "COVID-19 should be a methylene blue "promoter"[1]". Evora noted that "I decided to resubmit the letter now, considering that COVID-19 should be a methylene blue 'promoter', and the dye can get the lifesaving status it deserves [1]." In fact, the use of classic available agent as a possible therapeutic agent for the emerging COVID-19 should be supported. It is better than do nothing. Many classic drugs such as hydroxychloroquine are proposed and tested for managing COVID-19[2]. At the moment, we have to take the risk of a new alternative proposal for the treatment of COVID-19 such as convalescent plasma therapy[3]. Using a safe and well-known agent might not have a confirmation for its efficacy but we have many data on its safety, and it might be a good alternative option compared to a totally unknown new alternative.


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