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Volume 30 Number 5, September - October, 2015


Reviewers BJCVS 30.5

Below, the reviewers whose work allowed, once again, that the BJCVS published articles of high scientific level, according to the standards expected by a scientific journal.


Antonino M. Salorna Luís Alberto O. Dallan
Dorotéia Souza Melchior Luiz Lima
  Michel P. B. Oliveira Sá
Edmo Atique Gabriel  
Eduardo Keller Saadi Orlando Petrucci
  Otoni Moreira Gomes
Gilberto V. Barbosa  
Guilherme de Menezes Succi Paulo Roberto B. Evora
Henrique Murad Renato A. K. Kalil
  Rui M. S. Almeida
João Carlos F. Leal  
José Glauco Lobo Filho Tomas A. Salerno
Lindemberg da Mota Silveira Filho Walter J. Gomes

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