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Words of Prof. Dr. Domingo Braile

Domingo M. Braile

DOI: 10.1590/S0102-76382004000200001

Cardiovascular surgeons were once more convened from 15 to 17 of April, during the 31st Cardiac Surgery Congress, promoted by the Brazilian Society of Cardiovascular Surgery (BSCVS) inaugurating the 21 Embratel Station Convention Center, in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil.

Coordinated by Dr. Luiz Fernando Kubrusly, the event corresponded completely to its expectations, owing to the relevance of the chosen issues and the high level of the 104 works presented, as well as the lectures, courses and symposia, which certainly improved the scientific knowledge of all participants.

Issues of great interest were discussed, such as the surgical treatment of cardiac insufficiency, controversies of surgical and percutaneous myocardial revascularization, cell therapy and innovations in heart surgery. The organizing committee also promoted the I Symposium of Perfusionists together with the Department of Cardiopulmonary Bypasses and Mechanical Assistance of the BSCVS and Brazilian Society of Cardiopulmonary Bypasses.

More than 800 participants were present, including physicians, residences and guests, as well as exhibitors and visitors. The presence of five international visitors was of special importance: Dr. Borut Gersak, from Slovenia; Dr. Bud Frazier, Dr. Rodolfo Neirotti and Dr. Gerald Buckberg, from the United States and Dr. Sylvain Chavaud, from France who made the Congress even more interesting.

The social program was very animated. In the evening of 15th April, there was the ceremony of the official opening, with a brilliant talk by Dr. Adib Jatene with the theme of "The situation of Health in Brazil". Dr. Adib, during approximately one hour, brilliantly discussed about the difficulties faced in the area of medicine and suggested solutions to the problems. After which a cocktail was offered to the participants.

On the following day a dinner was offered by "Braile Biomédica" animated by the "Heart Band", commanded by our colleague Dr. Francisco Gregori. The closing dinner was held on the 17th offered by "Ethicon" and with the presence of Solution Band.

On this occasion, rewards for the best scientific studies were given. The commission of judges awarded the work "Intramyocardial Implantation of autologous stem cells in the ischemic myocardium: Results of one year of clinical follow up", by Dr. Sérgio Almeida de Oliveira and colleagues first place.

On the 14th April the written and oral examinations for the title of Specialist were held. Of the 33 participants, 24 (72.72%) were approved, which demonstrated the concern of the majority of the candidates in studying hard for the examination.

During the Congress, the General Assembly approved alterations of the statute of the BSCVS, modernizing it and incorporating the desires of the members and the necessities of the modern cardiovascular surgeon.

We can not forget about the election of the new directorate for the biennium 2004-2006. We wish the new president, Dr. Alexandre V. Brick and his team, success in this administration. The Brazilian Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery (BJCVS), as a vehicle of the BSCVS, is ready to collaborate, as, in addition to its function of publishing scientific studies, it has been a channel of discussion about cardiovascular surgery, its dilemmas and challenges and its importance in the current national and international conjuncture.

We can not forget to congratulate the directorate that finished its mandate too. During the last two years, the president Dr. Jarbas Dinkhuysen, and his team worked hard for our profession, tried incessantly to improve the conditions of work and to increase recognition of the work of cardiovascular surgeons.

We will take this opportunity, to thank Dr. Pablo Pomerantzeff, from our hearts for his kindness of officially thanking us for the work developed at the BJCVS during the first two years of our mandate as Editors. Without the permanent collaboration of the directorate and of all the society's members, we would not have had the conditions necessary to make the publication reach its present position of excellence. We will continue working hard for its inclusion in Medline, which is expected in the not too distant future. All our team is concerned in improving the journal, with the aim of achieving and aspirations of all.

The speeches of the new president and the old are published here. We have also published in this edition a special article of the Department of the Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery of the BSCVS and the Secretary of Health Assistance at the Ministry of Health, showing the situation of congenital surgeries in our country.

We still have many challenges in front, but we are trying to overcome all obstacles with the aim of making the BJCVS economically viable and maintain it at its current quality, which has put it at the same standard as many of the best scientific publications in the world. The capacity of Brazilian cardiovascular surgeons is becoming clearer day by day and the works received reflect this ability. We request colleagues to continue to send contributions, remembering that the published articles will be published online in English and in Portuguese too, thanks to Scielo, who is offering the journal in both languages.

Receive my warmest regards and enjoy the reading,

Domingo Braile - BJCVS Editor

Note - For the first time, I did not participate in our Congress owing to illness. Instead I was virtually present, receiving daily information from our Executive Editor, Ricardo Brandau, and our Associated Editors, who communicated everything that happened during the event, which will mark a point in the history of our congresses. I want to mention, in particular Dr. Ulisses Croti, who was kind enough to represent me in the presentation of the activities of the BJCVS. Finally, I thank all who allowed me to write this Editorial.
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